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Frequently asked questions about the Provisional Licence

Can a provisional licence holder carry passengers?
Yes. You can carry passengers as long as there are no conditions in your insurance policy stopping you from doing so, and you are within the passenger limit for your car. You can also carry passengers during your driving lessons, as long as your instructor or supervisor is okay with that, and they don't distrupt the lesson, this usually means no children, but some well behaved minors or babies might be allowed.

What cars or vehicles can I drive on a provisional licence?
The categories of vehicles covered by your driving license are shown on the paper counterpart, so read it carefully to make sure you comply with the terms, and don't get penalty points.

Can a provisional licence holder drive on the motorway?
No, you are not allowed on the motorway unless you hold a full UK driving licence, if you need motorway driving lessons, you can either do a pass plus course or just get an instructor to give you a 2 hour motorway lesson after you've passed the test.

Can a provisional licence holder drive without 'L' Plates?
No, you can not drive a car without 'L' Plates, unless you hold a full licence for that category of car, so if you have an automatic licence, you will need to display 'L' plates and have a supervising driver if you want to drive a manual car.

Can a provisional licencee book a driving test without a driving instructor?
Yes, you don't need a driving instructor number to book a practical driving test, skip that option when using the test booking service. You have a better chance of passing the driving test if you use an ADI though.

How much does the provisional licence cost?
The current cost of a provisional licence (july 2008) is £50.

Can a Learner Driver with a Provisional License buy a car used or new?
Any one can buy a used or new car, you however need a licence and insurance to drive one, and if you are a learner driver you should display "L" plates and have a qualified supervisor or instructor (ADI or PDI) with you in the car.

Is there a limit to how many times a provisional licence holder can take the driving test?
There is no limit to the number of attempts you can take the theory or practical driving test

Do penalty points get transfered from provisional to full driving licence?
If you get points on your provisional licence, they will be transfered to your full uk licence when you pass the driving test unless they are 4 years or more, and you apply to have them removed with the DVLA. Note: under the New drivers act you could lose your licence if you get more than 6 points on your licence after passing the driving test within 2 years.

Can I take driving lessons if I have 6 points on my provisional?
You can still take driving lessons with or without an instructor if you have points on your licence, but if you are using your own car, the insurance premium could be very high depending on the number of points and what you were penalised for.

What do I do if I lose my provisinal licence?
You will need to apply to the DVLA for a replacement document. If you had one of the newer digital photocard licenses, you don't need to include any passport photos, the required application forms are available at most UK post offices

Can I use my Automatic Full UK licence to drive a manual car unsupervised?
Your Automatic licence acts as a provisional licence to drive a manual car, so you can drive one as long as you have someone supervising you who has held a full manual licence for 3 yrs and is over 21